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Apr 20, 2013 12:00pm EDT
at something -- as always describe it as the surface of mars. it looks at the surface of mars. you don't have much out there. in the desert floor at that time of the year, the hard mass. they did in the day again for shelter. there were a up. they could not get it into the ground. very hard today. not like you would see unless you have heavy equipment to dig down further. our panel was bad. on many aspects of this that we seem to be unprepared for when they went into the first night. the court, when he went down, actually three prepped with a rescue helicopter. so if they had just called one of them, notified properly, 45 minutes and 45 minutes out the cut got them off the ground and where he needed to be. he was communicating, would not have been a problem. but unfortunately they did not like how he got shot down. how he gets shut down as the starter all this, the friendly fire shoot and the mistakes that are made. and the way -- the mistakes and the flying of it, to me, it comes down to the fact that, well, is training officer did not shoot him down to clarify that point. these of the one i
Apr 21, 2013 9:00am EDT
've always described it like the surface of mars. the iraqi desert looks like the surface of mars. there's not much of the. on the desert for that time of year, the knights and shovels they can to dig in to shoulder, it's like digging -- they can get in the ground. it was very hard to dig. it wasn't salty sand like you would see a lesser heavy equipment to dig down for the. the hardpan was a bad. there are many aspects of this that they were unprepared for when it went into that first night. the quarter we went down was actually pre-prep with rescue helicopters. so if you just called one of them, they notified react properly, 45 minutes in, 45 minutes out, they could have gotten off the ground. he was commuting. so that wouldn't have been a problem. but, unfortunately, they did like how he got shot down. how he got shot down started all this. the friendly fire issue. and the mistakes that were made. and the way, the mistakes and the flying of it to become a comes down to the fact that, while his commanding officer did not shoot them down, to clarify that point, he's not the one who did i
Apr 17, 2013 12:00pm EDT
of massachusetts was marred by a detestable act of violence. dozens of innocent civilians gathered to watch an iconic, peaceful athletic event. they were injured by explosions and three lives were lost. i am honored today to joining the senior senator from the commonwealth of massachusetts, senator warren, in offering the resolution honoring the heroes and remembering the victims of that horrible day. we continue to pray for the injured and hope they begin to heal, and we mourn those who were killed and the families who survive them. as a community, our hearts ached to hear about the youngest victim, martin richard, a vibrant 8-year-old, a boy from dorchester, the same age as my son, who came to watch his father finish the marathon, lost his life. we share in his family's grief and continue to send our prayers to his mother and his sister who are still in the hospital with very serious injuries. yesterday we struggled to watch patty campbell fight back tears as she talked about her beautiful and always smiling daughter crystal. this 29-year-old woman from arlington, and lindsey lou, a bosto
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3